Wealth Academy Review – Scam in My Opinion


Is Wealth Academy a Scam ?



Hello, my online friend.

I really hope you are great.

Let see again are those guys from Wealth Academy enough smart to take our money.

We must answer some simple questions guys.

Who is Behind the Wealth Academy ?

Wealth Academy Review Owner


The narrator in the sales video for Wealth Academy says his name is  Richard.

However, he never actually shows himself in the video. He doesn’t even show a picture.

That’s a major red flag.

This leads me to believe that like most Clickbank products, the real founder is hiding.

You should always know who the founder is when giving your money over to a business.


What do they promise in their sales page video?


Wealth Academy Review thousands


Wealth Academy Review $1500


Wealth Academy Review $3500


Wealth Academy Review $8000

Wealth Academy Review no education



You don’t need any technical skills…and make $1000 from affiliate marketing..lol.

It is unrealistic…big big BS guys.

If you want to make an income you need a lot of traffic to your web site and sell a lot of products.

Amazon pays up to 10 % commission.


What do You Actually Get When You Buy this Crap Product?

What do you actually get when you pay $24.95 ( there are $400 more upsells ) ?

Here is the magic system.


Wealth Academy Review membership


YouTube video from 2013…lol

Wealth Academy Review membership Facebook2



The magic automated system is an old and outdated YouTube videos from 2013.

Introduction to the world of the affiliate marketing in 2013…lol

Outdated YouTube videos that maybe works six years ago.

You can get those videos for Free on YouTube..but..they are outdated and don’t work today in 2018.


Be scam smart guys and avoid Wealth Academy?






My #1 Recommendation


There is certainly no one-click solution that can start making you money within a few hours or days.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business.

But do it properly.

Wealthy Affiliate Academy everything YOU need to succeed online.The Training, The Tools, The Services, The HELP…Everything is created for YOUR success.


I hope you got some value from this.

Stay healthy and wealthy.

Your friend,


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