Traffic Ivy Review – Spam Traffic Exchanger!!!!

Traffic Ivy Review

Traffic Ivy Review

Hello, guys.

Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this review.

Traffic is very important, and desperately seeking for fast traffic, people will buy these ineffective products such as Traffic Ivy.

The spammy methods that Traffic Ivy suggests can have very bad consequences for your website.
It’s so easy as a beginner to believe in quick and easy traffic.
You are not even aware that this initial error, or rather, your unconsciousness, can cause a lot of damage to your web site and your online earnings.

I’ve studied Traffic Ivy well and can I honestly say that this product is another crap product made by Cindy Donovan.

I will show exactly what is inside the membership area.

Let’s answer some simple but very important questions.

Who is the Creator off Traffic Ivy?

You know that in my reviews I always insist to know who is behind the new project.

We need to know his previous projects. What were they?
If his previous projects were low quality products, what can we expect from his new project?

Cindy Donovan is the creator.

Finally we know who is the real creator…unlike many low quality Clickbank or JVZoo products.

Who is Cindy Donovan and what were her previous projects?

Cindy Donovan has been quite active in the production of low quality done for you products.
I highly doubt that she does it all alone.

She creates at least two new products per year.

It must be talented this young woman, when with two children and the family she makes at least two new crap products annually.

What quality can you expect from someone who so often makes new products?

You can find all of hers latest products at JVZoo.

Her last flagship product was Covert Commissions.

Google loves duplicate content??

What is Covert Commissions?

  • 100% Done for you system

Google loves done for you systems. Everything is ready for you. You “only” have to pay Mrs. Cindy Donovan $27 / month and all your financial problems are solved forever.

Ask yourself a simple question?

Why is Cindy Donovan selling that magic done for you system?

What fool will reveal a system that automatically earns him money.

  • It can be set up everything in under 3 minutes

This is also a very clever statement … is it necessary to comment this stupid statement?

  • You can have “automated” traffic with their WordPress plugin.

Free traffic with WordPress plugin??

Of course there is no such plugin.

That was her flagship product.

She is selling to you a hype.

Imagine 1000s of similar websites with duplicate content. Perfect for SEO. Google loves so much duplicate content.

What can we expect from her new product?

What did Cindy Donovan Promise to You on the Sales Page?

Guaranteeed and Free…no it is not!!!

Anybody who promises you quick results, or guarantee something..they are lying.

I found a false statement on the sales page.

Traffic Ivy first lie

This is a  lie. There is option Buy Traffic inside the membership area, If somebody only want traffic for his website.

After you use your points, if you only want the traffic you have to pay extra.

Buy Traffic option inside the Membership area

What is inside the Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy is traffic exchanging platform.

Traffic Ivy payment options:

Option 1. $19.97 for 2,000 points to use on your choice of traffic

Option 2. $47 for 5,000 points to use on your choice of traffic

Option 3. $97 for 10,000 points to use on your choice of traffic

Upsell 1 – Traffic Ivy Pro Subscription  up to $97

  • Regular monthly traffic points ( gold 5,000 per/month, platinum 10,000 per/month
  • Earn more points per share ( twice as many regular members)
  • Points received faster ,when points are spnet they go into an escrow holding place. Regular members need to wait up to  7days to receive points,based on their community rating. Pro get theirs in 24 hrs.
  • Ability to add more assets
  • Regular 10, Gold 50, Platinum unlimited
  • Premium have support via skype

Upsell 2 – Traffic Ivy Kickstart Bundle $97

  •      Fully hosted WordPress blog with built-in monetization, includes 5 done managed landing page systems.

How it works?

The main idea behind the Traffic Ivy is that you have a community of people with blogs , with socail media accounts , and they share the content. When you share you earn some points, which you can use to share your content. In theory is a great idea.

Is it great??

What kind of traffic are you actually geting?

That traffic is going to be completelly untargeted. It is not related to your niche.

The quality of the content is extremely low quality.

The first logical question would be.
Why should you share somebody else’s spammy affiliate link to your followers on the Facebook page or Twitter page ?

Does that make sense? Think about it.

Why would I promote someone’s affiliate link to my followers?

Second problem is the quality of that content.

I will give one example.

One of my niche websites is about table tennis blades.

Most categories at Traffic Ivy are Make Money Niche or Forex trading.

What benefits would I have to share Forex or other BS spammy content to my followers?

Why would I share spammy Forex article full of affliatte links to my table tennis audience?

It would have zero value to my readers.

Is Traffic Ivy a Scam?

What Scamadviser thinks about Traffic ivy?


The owner city is Panama…interesting??

The site is using anonymous service, be aware many scam sitesuse this as method to hide their identiy.

Is Traffic Ivy a Scam?

In my opinion yes.

This product is designed for beginners who really have no idea how these spammy methods can be harmful to their web site.

The content you might post on your blog is going to be plagiarized or it is gonna be marked as duplicate content by Google.
That’s why the Traffic Ivy is very dangerous for the websites who use this traffic methods.

I will never post that on my blog. If you know a basic SEO optimization, then you need to be aware that these methods will ruin your web site.

Thanks for reading my review.

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