The China Secret Review – Another Crap Product in My Opinion

The China Secret Review

Hello my online friend.

How are you today?

Today we have on the ” menu” something completely different. The China Secret??

It’s a new Clickbank product…yeah I know what you mean…another crap product…Yes it is in my opinion.

Let’s see what is this about …

Who is Behind the China Secrets?

Why is it very important to know who is the real creator when the new project is released?

What were his previous projects?

Can we trust him?

Who is behind the China Secrets?

There is no contact page on the web page …no about page..It was very hard work to figure who is presenting as the creator?

I found that the creator is Robert Walter…No picture of him on the sales page.

The real creator is hiding...

I couldn’t find him anywhere on the net.

Like the most Clickbank products, the real founder is hiding.

That’s a major huge red flag. You should always know who the founder is when giving your money over to a business.

What do They Promise on the Sales page Video?

Let us analyze some “smart” claims from sales page video.

…with two PDF

What the China Secret did for him?

  • Profit up to $28,432.22 per day
  • He has profit 24/7 while sleeping
  • He bought a new house with no market experience in 2 months.

Those claims are pretty bold…stupidly ridiculous and unreal.

The sales page video is a nothing new… scamy pattern with the fake emotional story..fake payments.

China Secret follows the same pattern.

I know what do you actually get inside the membership area.

They never exactly show what is about. What I am buying?

Do you know why they dont exactly show the system? Because they don’t have it.

You will see later what is the secret inside the membership area.

The whole purpose of the sales video is to convince you to buy the product.

What do You Actually Get Inside the Membership Area?

This is that magic China Secret..two PDF ebooks


Inside the membership area you get  a basic PDF guide about ChatBots.

all of that with an

Now you see why the real creator is hiding …this is another Clickbank crap product.

I saw 100’s of the similar products that promise you easy money..but..when you finally buy the crap product, which is the main purpose of the sales page video you will see that it’s not so easy.

They never never exactly show what are you buying.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to earn money online. You can be where ever you want, and when ever you want.

There is certainly no one-click solution that can start making you money within a few hours or days.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business.

But do it properly.


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