The $5k Formula System 2019 – Matthew Neer Makes us Fools

The $5k Formula System 2019

5K Formula System 2019 by Matthew Neer

What Is The $5k Formula System All About??

Stop for a minute.

Just look at this photo from the $5k Formula System sales video … and think about for a moment.

Matthew Neer Scam
..waving with “smart”???

The sales video lasts 9 minutes and he spends 4 minutes to go to the ATM to show that he have $5,000 in cash. So so stupid.

Do you really think this guy will help you make $5,000?

Imagine that you are going for a job interview… and at a job interview, your boss is waving with cash.

What would you do? I know what will I do.

After answering some very important questions all will be much much clear to you?

Who is Behind the $5k Formula System?

I always note that it is very important to know who stands behind the project?
What were his previous projects?
If the previous projects were a low quality product. What can we expect from his new project?
Can we trust him?

The guy behind the $5k Formula System is Matthew Neer.

He made millions online with his low quality products.

Matthew has been producing and selling crap products for quite a long time.

His latest projects:

Income league – Income League is a membership website where Matthew Neer and James promote their low quality crap Clickbank products.

Viral Cash App – Another low quality crap product – the basic smart idea is to “use” other YouTube viral videos for your traffic. I do not know how this method can help boost your traffic if you embed other YouTube videos on your website??

$5k Formula System is his flagship product.

What Do they Promise on the Sales Page?

..Such a nice guy…

Matthew so much loves to help people…wow ..nice guy. He reveal his money making secret.

Getresponse autoresponder and Solo ads. ..never seen before???

A lot of lies are in his statements.

Many required tools such as Getresponse auroresponder are not included in the membership price.

Another big lie….one of the video trainings inside the membership area is about Facebook ads.

What scamadviser think?



I am gone show what is inside so you can make a decision.

Let’s See What Exactly the $5k Formula System is?

What exactly is it?

The whole essence of the project is to “teach” you how to sell the $5k Formula System?

For $39 you get 11 videos .. and that’s it .

There are no additional tools included in a basic price(of course there are more upsells ).

You will not get the tools even if you by over $ 600 upsells.


Quick start tab -6 videos

New accounts –
– About Getresponse autoresponder
– About Clickbank


Upload Code – Choose your lead capture page, email capture page.


Funnel link – Place where you gone send your traffic.


Click tracking – About tracking your links.

Traffic Stream – Solo ads – Not quite free traffic

Traffic Tab – 5 videos


30,000 Foot View – Shout out marketing –
Free traffic – a list builder that allows you to send your email ads to 1000s of marketers every few days.
Email drops – About buying solo ads – Udimi or Facebook ads – Not quite free traffic.
Click trades – How to swap clicks
Classified Traffic – Traffic from classified ads

DFY campaigns tab – accesses to a 60 email followups


  • Webinars – $97
  • DFY Pages – $47 Squeeze pages
  • License rights – $495 if you want 100% affiliate commission of all upsells.



When I see what I get at the Wealthy Affiliate Academy.

The first logically normal question would be.
Who buys these products?

Because of this low quality products…so many people give up. They simply do not work.
They totally miss the boat , and don’t learn how to properly make money online.

I do not recommend the formula $5k Formula System.

I know you tried to make money online in the past and you failed.

Perhaps you’ve fallen to one of the many online scams and get rich quick schemes.

Or perhaps you’ve avoided those scams but wasted hours at a time filling out online surveys
for little more than a few dollars or useless vouchers.

In fact I myself once wasted no end of time, money and effort on money making schemes that simply did not work.

I was exactly where you are now.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to earn money online. You can be where ever you want, and when ever you want.

There is certainly no one-click solution that can start making you money within a few hours or days.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business.

But do it properly.

Wealthy Affiliate Academy:
Everything You Need to Succeed online. The Training, The Tools, The Services, The Help. Everything is Created for Your Success.

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Meet the man with the vision

Hey I’m Leonard the founder of Fruity Leo. I am delighted to share my vision with you.

I hope you got some value from this.

Stay healthy and wealthy.

Your friend,



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