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No one owns the lands.
No one owns the oceans.
No one owns the sands.
These are given by our Mother.
Our planet provides for free.
Only by hands of the greedy
Does the Earth require a fee.

Hey, I’m Leonard the founder of Fruity Leo.

I am delighted to share my vision with you.

I’ve launched this web for several reasons:

  1. To Help You Start an Online Business.
  2. To Help You Understand What can Improve Your Health.
  3. To Find the Truth on this Lying World.

Almost everything you learn in school was a lie.. matrix..

The truth will set you free.

The truly Free man has totally under control of his Health & Wealth.

Why Health?

Money can’t buy your health.

You “must”  realize that “diseases” does not exist and find the real cause of “diseases”, and the real cause comes through your mouth.

You can’t put the whole your life the wrong fuel in your engine and expect to be healthy.

What you put in your mouth is what you get.

Why Vegan?

dear animals sorry it took me soo long

Animal vs Humans – Comparative Anatomy

Why Wealth?


All your life “they” tell you. Go to a good guy. Find the job and work for others…That’s BS.

Human is the only species that works for somebody else.

Get out from a 9 -5 slavery and do what You want to do.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business. passion

Work for yourself.

Be your boss.

And one of the best ways to work for yourself is to have an online business.



  • You Can be Anywhere.
  • Your Office is Your Laptop.
  • It’s Easy to Start...All you need is a $1  (Yes exactly $1 …You can be your boss..or create the online business for a $1 per/day ).

Anyone can make money online..when You have the right information at hand.


You must have a strong will to change the financial situation and be patient because there is so much get quick rich schemes online.

Wealthy Affiliate Academy:
Everything You Need to Succeed online. The Training, The Tools, The Services, The Help. Everything is Created for Your Success.

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