Smart Cash App Review – They Really Think We are So Stupid


Smart Cash App Review

Hello, my online friend.

I really hope you are great today.

Again we have a new money making Cash app which can “earn” you $1.595 per day with a 30 min of work per day. Really??

What do you think? Sounds logic…come on guys be scam smart.


Let’s answer some simple questions?


Who is behind the Smart Cash App?

It is very important to know who is the real creator?

We need to found his past projects.

Was he successful?

Can we trust him?

Smart Cash App Robert Fisher

The spokesperson said he is Robert Fisher.

He never shows himself in the video…there is no about page.

I couldn’t find him anywhere on the net.

Robert Fisher is a fake owner of course.

This leads me to believe that like most Clickbank products, the real founder is hiding.

You will see later why is he hiding.

That’s a major red flag.

I am investing my money, and want to know to whom I am giving my money.

You should always know who the founder is when giving your money over to a business.

What do they Promise in the Sales Page Video?


They promise Smart Cash App.

They promise you an software is what I expect to get inside the membership area. Right???

Do they really think we are so stupid? Actually yes.

What is an app?

An app is software created specifically for mobile phones?

In the sales page video they don’t show exactly how Smart Cash App actually works?

Do you know why they don’t show how that magic Cash app works? …because it’s not an app.

From the sales page video you can’t realize what exactly Smart Cash App actually is, and that’s the big red flag my online friend.


What do You Actually Get Inside the Membership Area ?

What do yo actually get for the basic $37(there are more upsells)?

The app or ??

Install it on your smartphone..and boom..after 30 minutes..with 17 start earning money??


Maybe I am stupid..but for me..pdf ebooks, and Youtube videos are not an APP..or Automated money making system..

It’s a basic guide how to be an Amazon affiliate…lol.

Affiliate marketing is how I am earning money online…but it is not gone happen under 30 minutes with 17 clicks..right??

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to earn money online. You can be where ever you want, and when ever you want.

You must realize that it is not gone happen overnight..It’s time-consuming my online friend.

In the sales page video they don’t exactly show what is about.

You have no idea what are you buying.

This is a typical low quality Clickbank product…everything is fake and full of lies..and my advice is to stay away.


There is certainly no one-click solution that can start making you money within a few hours or days.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business.

But do it properly.


Wealthy Affiliate Academy everything You need to succeed online.The Training, The Tools, The Services, The Help…Everything is created for Your success.


Meet the man with the vision

Hey I’m Leonard the founder of Fruity Leo. I am delighted to share my vision with you.

I hope you got some value from this.

Stay healthy and wealthy.

Your friend,



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