Shockwave Profits Review – ManyChat FB Chatbot is Not a Secret!!!!!

Shockwave Profits Review

Shockwave Profits

The Shockwave Profits is a new Warrior Plus product.

I am gonna show what exactly is about , and is it worth your time and money.

Domain Age: 31 days – source

Price:$7.95 – $12.95

Upsell 1 – DFY Pack + Case Studies: $27 this upgrade contains done for you campaigns so peoples can use the same campaigns, same promo text, the same promo video o his review page

Upsell 2 – Super Simple $300/day Method: $17 This $300/day method can be used side by side with the front end product to ensure your customers hit multi 3-figures per day. They sold this method for $47 before.

Upesll 3 – FULL Resale Rights to Shockwave Profits: $37In this upgrade they offering commissions across the entire funnel. This funnel commission will start 5 days after
the launch. In this upgrade they include all the sales and promo material.

Upsell 4 – How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days: $27This is a very powerful 5 figure/day system that they have revealed in their top-level $297 and $397 programs.

Upsell 5 -Simple Buyers List Building Method: $12 Everyone says “the money is in the list”, and it is totally true. In this upgrade they show how to build a list without
having to create a product and without having to launch a product.

Creator: Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer and Erik Cagi.

Sales Page:

The sales page is a typical crap Warrior Plus style hype… quite unrealistic and full of BS.

They don’t show exactly how and what exactly is inside the member’s area?

Membership Area:

For a basic price $8, you get 10 basic videos about ManyChat – Facebook messenger chatbot.  You can find much better videos for free on YouTube.

Summary: Shockwave Profits is another low-quality product. In a nutshell , Shockwave Profits is a video guide about Manychat FB chatbot.


What “Smart” Do They Claim on the Sales Page?


Sales page has a sales video and min. 2000 words and I have no f. idea what it is about. All I know it’s about “secret traffic”(..FB bots secret!!!)’s 100% free( no it is not)..and it’s easy.

I will show you later what exactly is inside the membership area.

They have a unique $125/day. Shockwave traffic source is using 10x better open rates & clicks through rates than email marketing. They claim that results come fast with this method, within 24 hours.

There is nothing complicated to do, and traffic is 100% free.

This system can get anyone making sales right away.

No list required to do, no product need, no solo ads, no video creation, no tech skills.

The Shockwave system is perfect for newbies who are starting out with nothing.

First off all it’s not a system. Why they call 10 videos a f. system??

Do you need hosting and domain with this method?

Yes, and that’s not Free as they claim on the sales page.

On the video 2 inside the membership area they show how to create a website with EasyWP

It’s not Free!!!!

EasyWp is a WordPress hosting, and of course it’s not free as they claim.

What is the Best Free Hosting ?

What is Inside the Membership  Area?

This is a training video course by Bill Hugal , Simple Spencer and Eric Cagi.

It is about FB chattbot. Chatbot is something similar to Facebook messenger.

For a basic $8 ( of course there are upsells…it’s the essence of these crap products ..) you get 10 videos…and that’s it.

Video 1 – Overview of Shockwave Profits

Video 2 – Creating your shockwave site with EasyWp –not FREE!!!!

Video 3 – Setting up your ManyChat account- not Free!!!!!

Video 4 – Creating Shockwave traffic magnet

Video 5 – Putting it all together

Video 6 – Getting 100% Traffic

Video 7 – How to drive quality buyer traffic-  paid traffic from Facebook- not FREE!!!

Video 8 – Time to make shockwave profits

Video 9 – Eriks personal case study

Video 10 – Conclusion

Bonuses are more crap products from Bill Hugal ans Simple Spencer .

Snowball Traffic

Holliday Gold rush

Profit Vortex


Atomic Profits


The Milk it Method


The Shockwave Profits is a new crap product made by Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer and Erik Cagi.

The Sales page does not reveal all of the costs that you have to pay if you decide to buy this product.

Of course I do not recommend The Shockwave Profits.

You can find for free much better video on youtube.

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