Finish Line Network Review – Pyramid Scheme – Can’t Fool Me

Is Finish Line Network a Scam


Hello my Healthy & Wealthy friends,

I really hope that you are healthy.

Wealth is an easy part if you know how to avoid the typical online scams.

Let us see again are those guys from Finish Line Network enough smart to take our money.

No, they are not.

Straight to the point.

Who are those smart guys behind Finish Line Network?

Finish Line Network Creators

Those smart guys are creators of another pyramid scheme called Traffic Authority.

They “helped” Empower Network and Lightyear Wireless become successful. They were shut

What you expect from another product of these smart scammers?

Finish Line Network is another Pyramid Scheme.

There is no real product or physical.

The only way you can earn money in Finish Line Network is to recruit people and of course, they must buy some of the “cheap” packets.

They sell the compensation plan.

they helped Empower Network and Lightyear Wireless become successful

“Product Lines” .. lol…Those are not products. They are MLM levels.

  • Silver Level – costs $47 Montly – From this $25 that is paid out commissions, five dollars goes to the Bonus Pool and the other $20 is split between the seller and their sponsor.
  • Gold Level – available in either Monthly ($130 )  or 3 Year Subscription ( $2997 ) – The monthly subscription costs $130 a month and $65 is paid out in commissions, whereas the three year subscription costs $2997 and $1250 is paid out commissions. The commissions are split between the seller and their sponsor, just as with the Silver package.

Come on guys be original..again some metals..Silver..Gold..Platinum…typical MLM = Pyramid Scheme Signs.

Ok ePOD is something new…

  • ePOD – Email Profits on Demand ( $1997 ) – The product costs $1997 and pays out $1000 in commissions, which of course is split between the seller and their sponsor.
  • High Ticket Live Events – Digital Domination – The cost for the “Digital Domination” is $997-pays out $400 in commissions.

Finish Line Network Logo



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I hope you got some value from this.

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