Ecom Cash Crusher Review – Fake Shopify Automated System


Ecom Cash Crusher Review

Ecom Cash Crusher Review

Ecom Cash Crusher is a revolutionary new Clickbank money making system? That’s what they claim on the sales page video?
Is it?

This is so fun .We have a new money making secret ..nobody knows about it…It’s about Shopify guys.

Those guys never give up. It is a shame for Clickbank to allow those “douchebags”  to promote such a crap product.


Who is Behind the Ecom Cash Crusher?

I always note that it is very important to know who is the creator of the project. Why?
We need to know his previous projects. What were his projects?

Can we trust him?

Who is behind the Ecom Cash Crusher?

The spokesperson said he is David, and that’s it.

That’s all we know from the sales page.

The real creator is hiding ..nothing unusual ..typically for the Clickbank low quality products.

It’s  a common practice for Clickbank products that we do not know who the real creator is.

You are giving your money and time my online friend…it is very important to whom.

That’s a major huge red flag. You should always know who the founder is when giving your money over to a business.

You will see later why is he hiding.

What do They Promise on the Sales Video?

There are a lot of “smart” claims on the sales video.
Let’s analyze some.

David gave his mama to try that magic Ecom Cash Crusher system. What happen in a 20 minutes?

…20 min…stupid of course..

It should be noted that his mother does not even know how to turn on a computer …but she made a sale 20 minutes

Ecom Cash Crusher is about how to become a shopify dropshipping .

This becomes a comedy. What nonsense are those scammers writing on the sales videos.

You’ll see later what’s inside the membership area.

The only purpose of the sales video is to convince you to buy this crap product. Almost everything on the sales video is a one big lie.

Do you know why they don’t show that magic autopilot system?… Because they don’t have it.

What do You Actually get Inside the Membership Area?

Automated done for you Shopify cash system or??

Basic videos about Shopify

Foundation setup – 6 basic video on how to chose niche and domain name.

Dropshiping – 2 videos about dropshiping with Shopify.

Shopify Setup – 5 videos on how to set up Shopify store.


Shopify Apps – 3 basic videos about Shopify Apps.

Shopify SEO – 2 basic videos on How to SEO your Shopify store.

Using Facebook – 3 videos about Facebook marketing

On the sales video they claim that Ecom Cash Crusher is not anything unethical and illegal.

Why they always mention Bitcoin as something illegal?
You do not need to have a bank account to buy or trade with bitcoins…which is great in my opinion.

Bitcoins are numbers. More or less the same as fiat currency. Before 1971, the money had
adequate value in gold, after 1971 the money in banks became numbers on the computer. There is no drastic differences.


Ecom Cash Crusher is overhyped low-quality Clickbank product full of lies with:

  • Fake owner.
  • Fake Video testimonials – Paid actors from Fiverr.
  • Fake Emotional Story
  • Fake Payments
  • Unrealistic income claims.
  • Never exactly show what is inside the membership area.


I know you tried to make money online in the past and you failed.

Perhaps you’ve fallen to one of the many online scams and get rich quick schemes.

Or perhaps you’ve avoided those scams but wasted hours at a time filling out online surveys
for little more than a few dollars or useless vouchers.

In fact I myself once wasted no end of time, money and effort on money making schemes that simply did not work.

I was exactly where you are now.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect way to earn money online. You can be where ever you want, and when ever you want.

There is certainly no one-click solution that can start making you money within a few hours or days.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business.

But do it properly.


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I hope you got some value from this.

Stay healthy and wealthy.

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