CoinChest App Review – Only Outdated Videos Inside!!!

CoinChest App Review

CoinChest App Review

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Domain Age: 238 days – source Scamadviser


Cost $49 with exit downsell $39

Upsell 1 – Coinchest elite $157
Downsell for $137

Creator: Unknown – Ron Walker is a spokesperson.

Sales Page:

The sales page is quite BS and it is full of unrealistic claims. The spokesperson from sales video claims that he have a secret system that makes him $1,500 per day with cryptocurrency trading.

He doesn’t show exactly how? What exactly is inside the membership area?

Membership Area:

For a basic price $49, you get 12 basic videos about cryptocurrency trading. You can find much much better for free on Youtube.

Summary: CoinChest App is about Cryptocurrency trading.


Who is Behind the CoinChest App?

It is very important to know who is the real creator of the project?
We need to know his previous projects?
What were his previous projects and what were they?
If his previous projects were poor quality product what can we expect from his new project?

Who is the creator of CoinChest App?

We do not know who is the real creator.

There is no contact information. There is no About page. There is no Contact

This is typically for Clickbank low quality products. The real owner is hidding.

Since it is a low-quality product, it is nothing strange. I’ve seen hundreds of similar products.

Does it make sense to invest your money, time and energy to a product you don’t know who is the real creator?

The only purpose of  the sales videos is to convince you to buy as soon as possible.

They never show what exactly is inside, and how it works.

Why they don’t show the method? The answer is simple. They don’t have a method.

What do They Promise on the Sales Video?

Sales video is hype full of BS..typicaly for low quality crap Clickbank products.

Let’s analyze some “clever” statements.

They claim that you don’t need any cryptocurrency experience at all.

Cryptocurrency trading easy and quick..Really???

The spokesperson says it is simple, easy and quick and ..Cryptocurrency trading easy??

There is nothing laid inside. Within the membership area you get basic videos about Cryptocurrency trading. You can find much better videos for free on Youtube.

If  he makes serious money from Cryptocurrency trading why is he revealing that secret for $49?
Does it make sense?
Maybe there is no method?
Maybe because the only way he makes money is just this crap product… and that’s the only truth..the only way he can earn money is selling the BS called CoinChest App.

So let me Show You what is Inside.

Let’s see what is that “secret” method.

For a basic $49 (of course there are more upsells)  you get a 12 basic videos about Crypto trading.

When you get inside you get an:

Introduction lessons:

Lesson 1: Platform Walkthrough – In this lesson they walk you through the members’ area and show you how to start
and how to use the members’ area.

Lesson 2: What is crypto? – In this lesson they discuss about cryptocurrencies and talk about Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Lesson 3: What is arbitrage? – In this lesson they explain about different prices of cryptocurrencies and how you can take advantage of buying and selling them across different exchanges and markets.

Getting Started

Lesson 1 : Wallets – In this lesson you will learn about crypto wallets. They discuss about different types of wallets available and the best ways to keep your Cryptocurrencies secure both short-term and long-term.
Lesson 2: Fiat to crypto – In this lesson they will show you how to exchange fiat currency in to cryptocurrency. They discuss about the implications for this and show the best way to this as cheap as possible.
Lesson 3: – Exchanges – In this lesson they discuss about different cryptocurrency exchanges and how they work and how to set up an account with them in order to start trading crypto coins.
Lesson 4. Exchanges walkthrough – In this lesson they will show you around the exchanges and the most important sections you will need to use for trading across 8 exchanges.

Beginners trading strategy

Lesson 1: Choosing your currencies – In this lesson they discuss which currencies to trade and why. You will learn how to spot a crypto opportunity and what platform to use fot trading crypto coins.
Lesson 2: Choosing margins and exchanges – In this lesson they discuss about limits and risks before buying and trading cryptocurrencies.
Lesson 3: Trading, transfer and checks – In this lesson they talk about security and how to trade safe and transferring funds between exchanges.
Lesson 4: Securing profits – In this lesson they talk about how to secure your trading profits and shield them from market volatility by transferring your profits to secure wallets.
Lesson 5: Withdrawing crypto to fiat – in this lesson they will talk about how to withdraw cryptocurrency profits and exchange them to fiat currency.

That’s basically all you get inside the membership area.


The CoinChest App is another low quality Clickbank product full of lies with unrealistic income claim.

They have basic video tutorials about hot to trade crypto coins. The CoinChest App is much better then other low quality Clickbank products where they have only ebooks.
Trading cryptocurrencies is risky. There is no secret . This is pure gambling. You can buy crypto coins and hope it will increase the price in the future … that’s it.

The bitcoin’s current price is $4000 and in the last year, it dropped from $20000 to $4000.

Anyone who claims that he earns money from Cryptocurency trading last year is…a big liar.

Is Bitcoin a Scam


  • Money back guarantee – This a Clickbank product, you can get money back if you don’t like it.

My advice is.. if you have already purchased a product.. ask for refund through Clickbank.


  • Sales video don’t show exactly what is inside?
  • It is easy , simple and quick method – Cryptocurrency trading is not easy and not a quick method…Last year where all cryptocoins lost their value.
  •  Requires no investments – On the sales video, they claim you need a few dollars investments.

Do I need to comment on this “smart” claim?

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