Bulletproof Profits Review – Another Crap Product from Clickbank!!!


Bulletproof Profits ReviewBulletproof Profits Review

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Domain Age: 48 Days – source Scamadviser

Price: $9.75 Basic price

Upsell #1 $197 Bullet Profit Turbo

10x the amount of money by knowing the loopholes in Amazon and free traffic on autopilot( multiple streams of passive income)

” done for you system ”

Downsell $127

Upsell #2 $145 Bulletproof paydays

Creator: Unknown – Justin Tyler ( Spokesperson – Fake owner)

Sales Page: Sales page is one big BS full of lies. Justin Tyler knows how you can start making up to $3,750 today with Just 7 Simple Clicks!

He doesn’t show exactly how? What is inside the membership area?

Membership Area:

Level 1 course – 12 videos

Level 2 course – 12 videos

Income maximiser – 5 videos

Summary: It’s about Amazon FBA– How to sell on Amazon.


Who is the Creator?

I always insist on knowing who is the real creator. Why? We must know his past projects. Can we trust him?

Who is behind the Bulletproof Profits?


Fake Owner!!

Spokesperson says he is Justin Tyler, and that’s it.

On their website there is no contact information at all. No About page. No contact page…zero.

The real owner is hiding.

That’s a huge red flag.

This is nothing strange considering that this is another low quality Clickbank product.

Why would invest my time and money into project for which I do not know who is the real creator?

What is Inside the Membership Area?


It is about FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) , Amazon selling. Where to find cheap products from Alibaba or Aliexpress? Then you put those products on Amazon and resell them.


Level 1 course

First thing is you have to register for a free vip training 90 minute masterclass

Private Label Guide – PDF guide

Video course:

Video 1 – What is FBA?
Video 2 – How Does FBA Work?
Video 3 – Setting Up Your Seller Account
Video 4 – Choosing Your FBA Account
Video 5 – Can Your Item Be Sold?
Video 6 – Requiring Approval
Video 7 – Amazon Fee Example
Video 8 – Amazon Seller Tools
Video 9 – Best Practices for Listing
Video 10 – Preparing for Shipping
Video 11 – FBA Shipping Tips
Video 12 – Conclusion

Level 2 Course

Affiliate profits video training:
Video 1 – Introduction
Video 2 – Making money
Video 3 – Why Amazon is your best choice
Video 4 – How to pick a niche
Video 5 – Selecting the best products
Video 6 – Creating your website
Video 7 – Creating content
Video 8 – Creating your Amazon Associate account
Video 9 – Linking your Amzon Affiliate links
Video 10 – Promoting your website part 1
Video 11 – Promoting your website part 2
Video 12 – Scaling to 10k

On a sales video they claim that Bulletproof Profits is not about Cryptocurrencies. Actually It’s not , but in the section 5 passive income methods they have a video training – Crypto Profits


Income Maximiser:

Bonus ways to generate more traffic and sales.
Keyword research ninja software
Easy SEO software
Getting free traffic from Pinterest
Generating traffic from Facebook Bots and messenger
30 Ways to generate free traffic

Last tab is Wealth Hypnosis:
Powerful healing theata meditation ~ 528Hz
Wealth Hypnosis track ~ 758 Hz
Deep Sleep Karma


  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • False Income Claims – Guarantee of income
    On the sales page they guarantee of income, you know that nothing is guarantee with FBA business model, you can always lose money.
  •  Unrealistic Income claims ( $3750 in 7 clicks )
  • They say you can make $3750 in 7 clicks. That is pretty unrealistic claim.
  • False Scarcity – There is no limit. It is Clickbank product. You can buy it whenever you want.
  • Fake Video Testimonials

Paid actors from Fiverr . I have reviewed many Clickbank products. Most of the low quality products similar to Bulletproof Profits  have fake video testimonials.




Bulletproof Profits is another low quality Clickbank product, full of lies, with unrealistic income claims.

For an FBA you need a sourcing budget, you need to buy these product and it is time-consuming.

Amazon have low affiliate commissions, from 4 % to 10%. It is the same with FBA if you gone sell low cost products it is not gone be a low profit.

Other sellers can get on the listing and drive the sale price lower.Private label is not guaranteed to sell any product on Amazon.

Are you Tired of Scams?

I know you tried to make money online in the past and you failed.

Perhaps you’ve fallen to one of the many online scams and get rich quick schemes.

Or perhaps you’ve avoided those scams but wasted hours at a time filling out online surveys
for little more than a few dollars or useless vouchers.

In fact, I myself once wasted no end of time, money and effort on money making schemes that simply did not work.

I was exactly where you are now.

You are building an online business around your niche, and on that path, you need a step by step training…and the most important… instant help from 10000s experts if you stumble in the steps.

All this you can have inside a Wealthy Affiliate academy.

You have a step by step training on how to start an online business.

How to write an SEO optimized article?

How to get your article ranked as well on google search? How to choose a keyword?

They teach you how to make a website? How to choose a niche?

With all the necessary theory they “force” you to take action.
It’s totally Free to start.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to earn money online. You can be where ever you want, and whenever you want.

There is certainly no one-click solution that can start making you money within a few hours or days.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business.

But do it properly.

Wealthy Affiliate Academy:
Everything You Need to Succeed online. The Training, The Tools, The Services, The Help. Everything is Created for Your Success.

Create your FREE account

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