AZ Millionaire Method is a 13 Page PDF eBook!!!

AZ Millionaire Method Review

AZ Millionaire Method Review

AZ Millionaire Method is a new Clickbank product.

I am gonna show what exactly is inside the membership area, so you can decide is it worth your time and money.

Domain Age: 19 days – source


Creator: Unknown. Ryan Ford is fake owner( spokesperson from a sales video).

The real owner is hidding. This is typical for Clickbank products of this ranking.
For me that is a sure sign that something is wrong with this product.

Sales Page:

The sales page is a Clickbank crap  hype… quite unrealistic and full of lies.

The only real purpose of the sales video is to convince you to buy this product.

Membership Area:

For a basic price $37, you get a PDF eBook.

Summary: AZ Millionaire Method is another crap Clickbank product. In a nutshell , AZ Millionaire Method is a PDF guide about how to be an affiliate with Amazon products.


What Do You Actually Get if You Decide to Buy AZ Millionaire Method ?

When you buy a product for $37 you get:

PDF eBook

13 page PDF eBook – AZ Millionaire Method – How to leverage the worlds largest eCommerce marketplace for insane profits.

This a basic introduction to Amazons many different revenue streams:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Making money with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). How to choose a subject? How to create the publication, create a cover and publish to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
KDP is a popular Amazon program. Their program allows authors and publishes to make their content available for sale through the kindle platform and earn commissions on sales.
There are two commission structures:
– earn 70% commission on products between $2.99 and $9.99
– earn 35% commission on products between $0.99 and $2.98

  • CreateSpace

CreateSpace is also Amazons program. This program will enable you to publish your content in print format

  • Amazon Advantage

If you have content in physical format( CDs,DVDs,printed book..) you can use the Amazon Advantage program to sell it through Amazon website.

  • Amazon WebStores

With Amazon WebStores you can open your own online stores.

  • Amazon aStores

If you don’t have your own products to sell on your website, you can still have your own e-commerce site selling Amazon products as an affiliate through Amazon aStore.

**Create Your Free Web Site  **

The Sales video is Full of Lies

We’re going to analyze some nebulous statements from the sales videos.

The sales videos is a typical Clickbank style .They say how much they earned and how this method can change your life .. Blah blah …But they don’t exactly shows what it is about and how?

Ryan Ford ( fake owner) on the sales video shows how much he earns from a 13 page PDF eBook..funny right!!

in 7 days he earns…$20,602!!!

Fake Video Testimonials – Paid Fiverr Actors!!

They claim:

All the real people you’ve heard from during this video, not one of them had a background in marketing prior to accessing.

These peoples are paid actors from Fiverr.

He claims 12 months ago he started with AZ Millionaire Method and he earns 1 million dollars.

She is using this website( what website ??) 48 weeks, and she earns 1 million dollars.

As soon as you download and launch the system you will see just how simple it is to set up on Amazon, in a mater of minutes and how to start making affiliate commissions right away.

Final Words

Amazon is a good company to partner with. There are many reasons why such a partnership could be extremely beneficial for you:

– 5.5 % of all internet traffic visits each month, which means 100 million people visit the site each month.
– Amazon is the 5th most visited website in the USA

– Amazon is the 14th most visited website in the world.

In 2018 Amazon generated 232.9 billion dollars in revenue, and yes you could get a tiny slice of that profit for yourself.

People tend to spend a tremendous amount of time on the site, often making several purchases per visit. They trust Amazon, and Amazons liberal shipping and return policies.

As an Amazon affiliate, you make commission on absolutely everything that is purchased through your affiliate link.

AZ Millionaire Method might help you to get the ideas how Amazon works, but that is not enough to earn millions as they claim on the sales video.

A PDF eBook is not enough to make money from Amazon.

You need a step buy step training, you need some tools( keyword tool)and the most important part..instant help from experienced online marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Academy:
Everything You Need to Succeed online. The Training, The Tools, The Services, The Help. Everything is Created for Your Success.

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