Az Formula – Scam or Legit ?

Is AZ Formula a Scam
Hello Folks, I hope you are healthy & wealthy. Let us again see are those guys from AZ Formula enough smart to take our money. I want to learn you how to spot an online scam. Az Formula is another copy-paste cheap Clickbank product.

What are the red flag signs that point to fraud?

The owner is a Scammer

Az Formula Fake Owner
Steve Cook is not a real person. In a few clicks on the Google, you can prove that this a stock photo. Do we need to go further? An owner is a fake person.

Fake Video Testimonials

Az Formula Fake Testimonials 1
Paid Actor from Fiverr.

How Can You Make Money with AZ Formula?

AZ Formula
Az Formula Few Clicks
For the $37 you get a magic system which can make you $10,000 every week? Ye right..give me three more..that’s a big bullshit.
Az Formula No Skills
The only guy who has the profit is the real owner of an AZ Formula.

Is AZ Formula a Scam?

What do you think? To easily earn $2,000 per day with an automated system with a few clicks.. Come on guys open your eyes.
Az Formula Fool
There is no such system. Almost everything is a lie on the AZ Formula landing page. Everything is Fake on their website. The owner is a stock photo…scammer This is another ” Get Quick Rich System “ seen much more time in the past. Affiliate marketing is something that can make money, but that’s not easy, you need to get visitors to your website, which takes time and dedication. There is certainly no one-click solution that can start making you money within a few hours or days. Every passion can be transformed into an online business. But do it properly.  

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