American Consumer Panels Review – Fake Product Tester Company

American Consumer Panels Review


American Consumer Panels Review

Hi! It’s great to have you here, as always.

Today on the “menu” we have… American Consumer Panels.

Can you make $25 – $45 per hour as a product tester?

Let us see are those “douchebags” from American Consumer Panels enough smart to fool us.


Who is Behind the American Consumer Panels?

American Consumer Panels Owner

It is very important to know who is the real creator of the project .

What were his past projects? Can we trust him?

Who is behind the American Consumer Panels?

We do not know who. The true creator is hiding.

Would you work with somebody who hides his identity?

That’s a Huge Red Flag my online friend.

My advice is never to do business with a company you do not know who the real creator is.

You put your time and money and you have to know who is behind the company.


What do They Promise on the Sales Page?

American Consumer Panels sallary

American Consumer Panels claims that you can make between $25 to $45 per hour working as a home product tester.

They recruit product testers from home, and they guarantee you 15 h to 20 h per week.

Sounds too good to be true… If something seems too good to be true, it probably is not.

After signing up for ACP product testing, the only thing I received was a lot of spam emails.

That’s the purpose of this whole story. Stealing and selling your private data .


What Exactly is an American Consumer Panels?


It’s an affiliate site for service sites.

They say you should fill another companies survey to finish American Consumer Panels profile. Really??

They earn money if someone signs up to these sites through their affiliate link.

This is a scam.

They “force” you to sign up for multiple survey sites.

There is no follow up or interview. There is NO job.

Fake company! This is not a legit company. Check it out with the Better Business Bureau.

They’re stealing your information and then you will be bombarded with spam emails. Do
not give this company any information or your bank account information.


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