7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – A Basic Guide About Solo Ads

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review

I am gone show what exactly is 7 Minutes Daily Profits, and is it worth your precious time and money.

On the sales video, they say that this software can make $500 a day in 7 minutes.

That’s a pretty bold claim.



Domain Age: 167 days – source

Price:$9 basic

Upsell 1 – $750 Membership Method by Chris Luck
Upsell 2 – $127 Commission activator

Creator: Unknown. Vince Howard is a pen name ( spokesperson from a sales video).

There is no About page. It is obvious that the true creator is hiding.

This is a typical practice for Clickbank products of this rank.

Sales Page:

The sales page is a Clickbank style..total hype… quite unrealistic and full of BS with fake video testimonials and unrealistic income claims…$85,000 in a first month!!

Membership Area:

For a basic price $9, you get a PDF eBooks and Youtube Videos.

Summary: 7 Minutes Daily Profits is another low quality Clickbank product. In a nutshell , 7 Minutes Daily Profits is a guide about Solo Ads.

What Exactly is Inside the Membership Area?

When you came inside the membership area they will invite you to another Clickbank product – Membership Method made by Chris Luck, which I have reviewed.

Premium Traffic Source menu tab – 5 YouTube videos

Video 1 – What a sales funnel is not?

Video 2 – What a sales funnel actually is?

Video 3 – Why email every day?

Video 4 – How to send a broadcast on Getresponse?

Video 5 – Seinfield email sequence

 Advanced solo ads menu tab – 7 YouTube videos

Video 1 – Basics

Video 2 – 52 solo ad course breakdown

Video 3 – Tracking results for each seller

Video 4 – Becoming a solo ad seller overnight

Video 5 – Importing your list you bought

Video 6 – Quantify results & ABC

Video 7 – Clickmagic rotator

Create your website tab

First of all this is not a real website. This is a lead capture page template.

What that mean?

You don’t have your own domain and hosting. Ok?
You can not put your own content, your photos, your videos…you can not do anything.
This is a premade squeeze page template..and that’s it.

How it works?

Step 1 – Choose your template
Step 2 – Create squeeze page
Step 3 – Sign up with Getresponse – Not Free.
Step 4 – Getresponse integration

These Clickbank products do not have long shelf life, so once this product stops you lose your premade “website”.

Unlimited ROI traffic tab – 6 videos

Ad Swaps

Video 1 – Ad Swaps and solo ads – How to quickly build your list with ad swaps and solo ads.

Video 2 – The perfect offer for ad swaps and solo ads – generally speaking ad swap and solo ad traffic is not the best.
Usually on many different marketers lists some get hundreds of mails per day.
Video 3 – The perfect offer for ad swaps and solo ads
Video 4 – What to look for in ad swap partners and solo ad sellers
A good reputation offer some sort of guarantee. Look for sellers that have buyers on their list. Make sure they have mainly
US, UK,CA and Australian on their list. Once you have done a successful swap or solo ad, try to book more with them.
Video 5 – A massive warning about ad swaps and solo ads
Video 6 – Taking it to the next level with ad swaps and solo ads.
Build a list as quickly as possible with solo ads. Once you have 1000 subscribers and schedule as many ad swaps as you can
Schedule 1 or more swaps per day if possible.
You should easily be able to double your list in less than 20 days.

Social media traffic are PDF eBooks

Traffic Hacks – PDF eBooks – How to have traffic using social media… Facebook..Pinterest..etc

Google Traffic – PDF eBook – Learn how to turn Google traffic into cash.

Pros & Cons


  •  Money back guarantee ( 60 days) – It is a Clickbank product, and you can ask for refund if you don’t like the product.


  • Unrealistic income claims

The free “software” that has helped over 1,500 individuals to generate at least $500 every day online, just like clockwork.

Some of the members claim that he started using the “software”, after 6 hours he made over $703.18, and the following day he made $1403,12 with 7 minutes of work everyday.

  • Fake testimonials – Fiverr liars

Those people are paid actors from Fiverr.

She claims :”Last month I made $85,278 and after 3 months of using that magic software I have already made over $200,000″.

This girl is on Fiverr…You can hire her for a $5.

  • No support

They don’t have support.

When you start an online business, it’s very important to have instant help. The platform thanks to which I know everything I know offers instant help in many ways … through chat … You can ask a question, and in a minute you can have a response from 10000s experts. If you have a group of people who are doing the same thing it’s much easier. If you have a question, you get an answer in minutes.




I’m really tired of these crap Clickbank products.

7 Minutes Daily Profits is another low quality Clickbank product full of lies.

On the sales video, they claim that they have “software” that can make you $500 in 7 minutes. Maybe I am stupid but for me PDF eBooks and YouTube videos is not software.

PDF ebooks and Youtube videos are not enough to succeed online.

What would be the proper way?

Wealthy Affiliate Academy:
Everything You Need to Succeed online. The Training, The Tools, The Services, The Help. Everything is Created for Your Success.

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I hope you got some value from this.

Stay healthy and wealthy.

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