24-7 Wealth Club Review – Another Fake Done for You System!!!

24-7 Wealth Club Review

24-7 Wealth Club Review

24-7 Wealth Club is a new Clickbank product.

My honest goal is to teach you how to recognize a low-quality product?

I am enough experienced to look at the sales video few minutes and I know exactly what kind of product is about.

On the sales video they claim that they have a done for you system, and with that system, you can earn $13,127 per week starting today.

That’s a pretty bold claim.


Domain Age: 33 days – source

Price:$37 is a basic price ( Of course there are upsells..this is their main goal…give something for the basic price..then..upsells.)

Upsell 1 – $197 24-7 Wealth 2.0
Upsell 2 – $177 24-7 Wealth pro
Upsell 3 – $97 24-7 Wealth social

Creator: Unknown. Richard is a spokesperson from the sales video.

There is no contact information at all. Of course, the true creator is hiding.

This is “normal” for a low-quality Clickbank products like this.

Sales Page:

The sales video is a Clickbank hype… quite unrealistic and full of lies with unrealistic income claims…$13,000 per week!!

Membership Area:

For a basic price $37, you get a PDF eBooks and outdated Youtube Videos.

Summary: 24-7 Wealth Club is another  Clickbank product…exactly the same as another low-quality product..CB Wealth.

In a nutshell, 24-7 Wealth Club is a guide about how to make money with Clickbank products.

Let’s see what’s inside …a done for you system or??

What is Inside the Membership Area?

24/7 Wealth Club is exactly the same as another Clickbank product…Cb Wealth.

>> Click here to see my CB Wealth Review <<

24/7 Wealth Club is the same product ..Everything is identical..the menus..the PDF eBooks .. the YouTube videos.

What do they claim on the sales video?


Sales video lasts ~ 16 min and everything is a lie … one big BS.
For a basic $ 37 price..inside are..PDF eBooks and outdated YouTube videos. You can find much better videos for free.

What method is exactly used to “earn” $13,127 per week?

24/7 Wealth Club Course Menu Tab

24/7 Wealth Club Course – PDF eBooks

Lesson 1 -Course intro
Lesson 2 – Cheat Sheet
Lesson 3 – Mind map
Lesson 4 – Resource report
Lesson 5 – Ready made sales page
Lesson 6 – Sales video
Lesson 7 – Legal Pages
Lesson 8 – Graphics
Lesson 9 -Articles
Lesson 10 – Banners
Lesson 11 – Email swipes

24/7 Wealth club video training

Video Introduction to Clickbank digital products.
If you are looking for an affiliate program that offers digital products across a very wide range of niches, you can’t go wrong with Clickbank.

Video 1 – How to choose your niche – your Clickbank success depends on the niche you choose.

Video 3 – How do 3-layer conversion systems work for Clickbank marketing?

Video 4 – Clickbank marketing overview. The big advantage of forum marketing is that you get really highly targeted traffic.

Video 5 – How to select a niche product to promote?

Video 6 -How to get your niche target keywords?

Video 7 – Quora answer marketing. How to get traffic answering questions on Quora?

Video 8 – Comment on blog posts that use Facebook Comment

Video 9 – Forum marketing

Video 10 – Automated Twitter marketing.

Video 11 – Is about automated Facebook marketing.

Video 12 – Conclusion

24/7 Wealth club website

It’s not a website … You do not have your domain and hosting. This is a simple HTML template with some graphical additions.

24/7 Wealth club audio

Simple mp3 audios.

Here you have the ability to download simple mp3 audio clips.

24/7 Wealth 1.0 menu tab

24/7 Wealth club AZ

Cb Wealth FBA – Amazon FBA course PDF eBook

24/7 Wealth club CPA

CB Wealth CPA marketing – PDF eBooks

24/7 Wealth club traffic course

24/7 Wealth club FBA – PDF eBook about selling on Amazon

24/7 Wealth 2.0 menu tab

24/7 Wealth 2.0

24/7 Wealth Instagram
24/7 Wealth YouTube
24/7 Wealth Twitter

24/7 Wealth Pro menu tab

24/7 Wealth Pro

24/7 Wealth Pro video training

24/7 Wealth Pro social media marketing

24/7 Wealth Pro traffic video course
24/7 Wealth Pro list building

24/7 Wealth social menu tab

24/7 Wealth Facebook

24/7 Wealth FB marketing

24/7 Wealth Snapchat

24/7 Wealth Bing ads


  • Money-back guarantee – It is a Clickbank product, you can ask for a refund ( 60 days).My advice is to apply for a refund directly through the Clickbank platform.


  • Unrealistic income claims…$13,127 in the next 7 days??
  • It’s not a done for you system as they claim on the sales video.

“Revolutionary done for you money making system.

With the 24-7 Wealth Club you could potentially earn up to $13,127 in the next 7 days.

You don’t need any previous experience making money online.

People all over the world are using the 24-7 Wealth Club to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars.”

Why would someone share this powerful system?

Why not keep it for themselves?

They don’t have a system..maybe I am stupid but for me, PDF ebooks and outdated YouTube videos are not a done for you system.

“In the 24-7 Wealth Club, I’m not simply taking your money.”

O yes…finally some truth..you are simply taking our money with the crap product.

You can get set up in minutes and start earning today.”

…yeah right..in a minute ..lol.


24-7 Wealth Club is another low-quality product and I  show exactly what the product is about and is it worth your time and money. 24-7 Wealth Club is rehashed Clickbank product..CB Wealth.  Inside the member’s area are PDF ebooks and YouTube videos. In a nutshell, 24 is a basic guide on how to become a Clickbank affiliate.

The sales page is a typical Clickbank style, full of lies and with unrealistic income claims.

PDF ebooks and YouTube videos are not enough to succeed online.

What can we learn from the 24-7 Wealth Club?

How they make money?

To be successful online you need 4 basic steps:

Step 1. Choose passion.
The guys behind 24-7 Wealth Club have a passion..creation of a crap product.

Step 2. Create a website.
They bought a domain and they create a sales page.

Step 3. Monetize your traffic.
They promote their product on the Clickbank platform.

Step 4. Find some greedy naive affiliate marketers who will promote your crap product.
Give 50 % affiliate commission and people will promote your product…it doesn’t matter if the product is total crap.
I am a little bit sarcastic…but yes guys, those 4 steps are the only proper way to earn money online.

Every passion can be transformed into an online business.

But do it properly.

Wealthy Affiliate Academy:
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I hope you got some value from this.

Stay healthy and wealthy.

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